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The TTEA bestows this special title on an individual or a group who is not a member of the TTEA, for dedicated service in assisting the TTEA and raising awareness of endometriosis, particularly among our teenagers. Early diagnosis and treatment are the key to endometriosis patients enjoying a better quality of life. Being an endometriosis sister's keeper is about doing what works when it works.





For the past three years (2015, 2016, 2017), the SISF has hosted endometriosis seminars for secondary school students in San Fernando and Environs, and Princes Town and Environs respectively to raise awareness of the disease among our teenagers.  In both instances, the TTEA was involved in the seminars.

Additionally, the SISF has made a generous donation to the TTEA each year, which went a long way in assisting the TTEA with its mandate.

After attending the TTEA very first public seminar in March 2014 , Mrs Rabbia Khan has been a voice for endometriosis advocacy in San Fernando and Environs and beyond.  She has seized every opportunity to raise awareness of and to educate girls and women on endometriosis; and most importantly, she always find a way to involve the TTEA.  It is for these reasons, Mrs Rabbia Khan is an Endometriosis Sister's Keeper.

"Thank you for doing what works when it works"


Soroptimist International of San Fernando [SISF] is an  Endometriosis Sister's Keeper.  

Mrs Rabbia Khan, Former SISF President is an Endometriosis Sister's Keeper.

Mrs Rabbia Khan,

An Endometriosis Sister's Keeper

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