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MARCH 2019

Endometriosis Awareness Month

Jan 27, 2020

Early Bird Registration

Early bird registration is available!

We are excited to announce that early bird registration at WCE2020 is open and the early bird rates are available before 28 January 2020. 

Nov 02, 2019

End It!

The TTEA 1st Fundraising Cooler Boatride on 2nd November, 2019, 8 p.m. - 11 p.m., sailing from the Black Jack Marina, Chaguaramas. Boarding 7 p.m. sharp. Cost: $200.00. 

Oct 10, 2019

WEO Media Release

World Endometriosis Organisations (WEO) represents 200 million with endometriosis globally


The World Endometriosis Organisations was officially launched this week. WEO was initiated to address the significant global issues facing those with endometriosis and improve health outcomes for girls and women around the world. Now, with 27 member organisations world-wide, WEO is readying itself to be a significant driver of change for those with endometriosis.

Jun 19, 2019

Tea with TTEA

The TTEA will be hosting its first tea box fundraiser on Labour Day, Wednesday 19 June, 2019, 3pm  -  6pm, at WASA Sports and Cultural Club, St. Joseph. Cost $40.00.  Take-away or dine-in.  The  purpose is to raise funds to defray the deficit of approx. $10,000.00 from the Endowalk2019 event.

* Tea box contents: Croissant, cake,  apple pie or strudel, Saheenas w/sauce or bake w/buljol, fruit or chow * 
                                                     * Beverages: coffee, tea or juice *


                                                               Tickets are available

                                Contact Ambah Grant, co-ordinator or committee members

                                                     1(868)-682-0220 | 1(868)-361-2980        


                                                       TTEA's FB page | TTEA's IG page   

                                                   Purchase your tea box tickets today!

                                          Support the TTEA and endometriosis awareness!


Mar 31, 2019

Endo Articles

Look out for online and newspaper publications on the disease endometriosis throughout the month of March.

Mar 30, 2019

Register and walk with the TTEA, endometriosis patients and the international endometriosis community on Saturday 30 March, 2019 at 4pm at the Queens Park Savannah.  Theme: Endometriosis, Many Reasons, One Walk, One Cause. Registration Fee: *Group $60.00 (per person), Individual $80.00.  A group is considered 5 or more persons.

Mar 30, 2019

ENDoTalk Launch

The TTEA's programme targeting secondary school students, ENDoTalk will be officially launched on Saturday 30 March, 2019 at the Endometriosis Walk and Women's Health Fair.  

The nurses are usually the 1st point of contact in patient care management.  Thus, the TTEA will be hosting its 1st seminar for nursing professionals themed, Endometriosis: Overcoming Challenges, Optimising Care in an effort to improve endometriosis care. Registration Fee: $120.00. Registration opens in January 2019.

Mar 01, 2019

Endometriosis Awareness 2019

Visit for listed 2019 endometriosis awareness activities across the globe. You will also find upcoming awareness activities of the TTEA.

Mar 04, 2019

QPC Survey Results

The TTEA will publish the results of the Quality of Patients Care Survey that was conducted in the second quarter of 2018.  The results will be used to ascertain the level of care available in Trinidad and Tobago and to build a case for improvement when corresponding with officials. The main goal is to improve health outcomes for endometriosis patients in Trinidad and Tobago.

Oct 02, 2019

Endometriosis School Seminar Tobago

The TTEA will be hosting a free endometriosis seminar to raise awareness amongst secondary school students in Tobago.  The TTEA's work extends to Tobago and this initiative recommits the TTEA to helping women and girls in Tobago as well as to achieve the World Endometriosis Organisations 2019 goal of raising awareness among young people. 

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