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sponsor an EndoTalk segment at a secondary school 


The TTEA started EndoTalks  back in 2015 where, on occasion, TTEA officials went to secondary schools to raise awareness of and to educate girls on endometriosis because early diagnosis and treatment are key to endometriosis patients enjoying a better quality of life.


Many international bodies are advocating for endometriosis to be taught at schools because current research has shown that endometriosis patients start experiencing symptoms from as early as adolescences. 



The TTEA formalised the EndoTalk programme in 2018 and in November 2018, it received approval from the Ministry of Education to teach the programmme at secondary schools throughout Trinidad.  The EndoTalk programme will be officially launched during March 2019.

The EndoTalk programme was designed specifically for students and the contents of the educational kit reflects this.  The EndoTalk educational kit comprises informational materials.   

The TTEA will be conducting between 2 to 4 EndoTalks annually.  The TTEA's trained Education Officers will be responsible for conducting the sessions and on most occasions,  TTEA's ambassador will share her endo experience with the girls.  

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